10 reasons to visit the Domain of Harcourt

1.vue aérienne1. The castle of Harcourt remains as illustration of Norman military architecture from the day when English kings were Dukes of Normandy. In the mid-11th century, the first seignior Anquetil of Harcourt was a ” brother in arms ” of William the conqueror. The duke offered the Harcourt territory to the seignior to thank him for his bravoury !

2. On the west side of the castle, you still can observe the first stone dungeon from the 12th century and it really proves the power of the Harcourt family since the middle age. Probably, all the fortifications and the rest of the castrum were added on the 13th century and both are in a good state of conservation.

3. Despite the castle’s defences and garnison, the English succeeded expelling John VII of Harcourt out of his castle in 1418. It was recaptured in 1449 by Dunois, lieutenant of the king Charles VII and we can still see the part of the fortification wich was broken during this famous battle !

4. The Châtelet is an example of medieval castle entrance. This construction looks like a “little castle” and it was used for main functions of the count during the 14th century but it had also a military interest, as you can see different kinds of arrowslit on the exterior facade.

Harcourt_ThuyaPlicataBD200x2005. The originality of the castle is based on the differences between the western and the eastern facade. During the 17thcentury , thanks to an heritage, Francoise de Brancas became the owner of the feodal castle. She decided to transform this old castle in a modern residence. As she was a member of the court of Versailles, she was inspired to create one classical garden “à la française”.

6. After the revolution, a parisian lawyer and tree farmer had bought the castle especially for the land. When he arrived in 1810, he planted the two Cedars of Libanon. Today, these trees make a symbolic and vegetal entrance in the Domain.

7. During the 19 th century, famous botanists managed the forest and the arboretum. In 1833, André Michaux created the collection arboretum by bringing tropical species to study them. Today, this collection represents an important vegetal patrimony.

8. As the arboretum kept on growing thanks to many plantations of botanists from the Academy of agriculture, the castel was in 1862 ranked as a Monument historique and since this time it is under protection. Now, the arboretum is also classified “Jardin Remarquable”.

9. The two patrimonies make together a real romantic site and the architecture of the castle is highlighted by the arboretum. The Domain of Harcourt is a natural and quiet place for a walk and the site is in an interesting touristic area near to the Bec Hellouin Abbey and the château of Champ de Bataille.


10. Finally, the Domain of Harcourt offers many activities and entertainment during the opening season. The historical and patrimonial site is a nice place for families and visitors where to spend a good time and to discover the different faces of the French culture.



Open from 1/03 to 15/11
From 1/03 to 15/06 and from 15/09 au 15/11 :
2.00 p.m – 6.00 p.m every day except tuesday
From 16/06 to 14/09 :
de 10.30 a.m – 18.30 p.m every day

Adults : 5 €

Children of 13 and 18 years : 3 €

Children of 6 and 12 years : 2 €

Under 6 years : free


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