A two-hundred-year-old arboretum

A two-hundred-year-old arboretum


One of the largest tree gardens in France, the Harcourt Arboretum is a unique botanical collection in terms of both the age and the dimensions of the specimens it comprises: over five hundred species, some of which are between one hundred and fifty and two hundred years old – and over forty metres tall.

Some of the greatest names in the worlds of horticulture, botany and forestry – including Delamarre, Michaux, Pépin and Vilmorin, all of whom worked here at some time since 1810 – have left their mark on its history. It is home to outstanding, majestic trees such as cedars of Lebanon, a London plane, giant sequoias and thuyas, unusual trees such as dwarf beeches, and primitive trees from another age such as ginkgo bilobas and dawn redwoods.

It is now a vast expanse to be explored – or simply to enjoy a walk.

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