One castle, two aspects

One castle, two aspects

Originally consisting of earthworks, then built with wood and finally in stone, today this impressive 12th-14th century castle is a fine example of medieval architecture, one of the best-preserved in Normandy. The western side retains its medieval appearance, with a double moat, fortified courtyard and circular towers on either side of the facade.

Having played a defensive role in the fourteenth century, the castle took on a residential purpose in the seventeenth century. The eastern side bears witness to the work undertaken to transition towards a more classical architecture, typical of country residences. This can be seen in the filled-in moats, the terrace leading to a flower garden (previously a typical French-style garden), a facade with high classical windows and apartments decorated with wood panelling and parquet floors.

Inside the castle there is a permanent exhibition that shows the changes in architecture wrought by the various different owners.

> A two-hundred-year-old arboretum
> A mosaic forest

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