Prepare your visit

A thousand year-old estate – a great place to stroll and to explore!

Visitors are handed an information leaflet on arrival to help them explore every aspect of the Harcourt estate. The plans, drawings and text will guide you around the arboretum, help you recognise all the major families of trees, and understand the architecture of both aspects of the castle.

Inside the fortress there is an exhibition covering the history of the estate, from its legendary Viking origins down to the creation of the arboretum.

For a foretaste of your visit, download the information leaflet.

Throughout the year, the Domaine d’Harcourt organises environmental and cultural events for all ages, helping to promote this local heritage and bring it to life with festivals, shows, trails, walks and more.

Duration: allow one and a half hours to visit the entire site.

Everyone’s welcome: children and adults, on your own, with your family or in a school group. Lovers of history and biodiversity alike can visit the estate at their own pace as the fancy takes them. You can check out all our suggestions for visits in the sections below.