Season observatory

Season observatory

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The Département has chosen the heritage site of the Harcourt estate as the location for the Eure Season observatory. The arboretum, a site of scientific and educational experiments and observation of trees and forests for over two centuries, is the ideal place to conduct this specific and innovative mission in the twenty-first century.

Observing to foster understanding and take action

All the observations carried out over the years will provide scientists with valuable indicators of the progress of climate change, enabling them to record its impact on biodiversity and measure the effects on the local environment. The observations will also make it possible to improve collective awareness of climate change and its effects, in order to work together to determine action aimed at reducing the scope of this climate change in the medium term.


The Eure Season observatory is being set up in partnership with the Season Observatory. Founded in 2006, the Observatoire des Saisons (ODS) programme was set up on the initiative of the “Phenological Information Systems for the Management and Study of Climate Change” research group ( ). It is led by Tela Botanica in partnership with Planète Sciences and the High-Altitude Ecosystems Research Centre.

The mission of observers

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One or more species are chosen and the first cuckoo song heard is also noted.

Using an observation chart, key dates in the development of the selected species, their location, their different blossoming dates, fruit production and leaf colour are all noted and passed on to the Harcourt estate.

Observation does not stop when autumn comes – anything but! All the stages, including leaf colour and bud formation, supplement the valuable data gathered during the spring and summer.

Species of trees and shrubs to be observed :